After a long day, going for a swim can be a good idea, especially in the summer. However, if you find bugs, toads, or even debris in your pool, that could be a big turn-off. You can get a swimming pool enclosure like this one from Fabri-Tech Screens.

The swimming will be better with this. You need to figure out which type of pool screen enclosure fits your needs. To learn more about the value of Screen Enclosure Lights in Southwest Florida, read on.

Important things to know about pool screen enclosures

When you hear about installing Pool Screen Enclosure Lights in Southwest Florida, the first thing that comes to mind is how much money it will cost you. It can be accurate, but you can get durable and budget-friendly pool screens and enclosures when you work with the right company.

1. Make a shade to protect from the sun’s rays.

You don’t have to worry about harmful radiation from the sun in your home. Finally, you can also save time by not repeatedly applying your sunscreen to protect your skin from getting burned. When your pool isn’t in the sun as much, the chlorine lasts longer.

2. Keeps the annoying bugs away.

People who own pools don’t want to worry about constantly keeping the area free of insects and pests. Floating insects or frogs can make anyone feel bad. If there are mosquitoes or bugs or lizards or mice, they can be a bother before you go swimming.

3. It allows you to have your own space from your neighbors.

If you live in a residential neighborhood where homes are next, it can be hard to keep your privacy. Screen Enclosure Lights in Southwest Florida keep outside noise from coming in, but they can also be used to support your privacy through digital prints that can be glued to the screens.

4. They can withstand the wind as well as the rain.

Strong winds can change the mood of a swim and bring in debris and dust as you spend time outside. To solve this, you can put up a solid and stylish pool screen enclosure that is durable and stylish.

5. Pool enclosures help you keep debris from building up.

Like dry leaves or dirt, rubbish can make the pool look dirty. As long as you keep up with it, you can do all the sweeping or vacuuming in the area. It’s a job that needs to be done at least once a week and could become annoying. Protect your pool area with a screen enclosure with walls and a roof, so debris can’t fall in.


Lanai Bright is here to help you with your project. Because we care about our long-term customers, we only use high-quality products so that you don’t have to deal with any problems or maintenance.

To find a company that can install a pool screen enclosure that does a good job, look no further than Lanai Bright. We can help you create your dream pool approach.