Our Products

Lanai Bright

Packed with Features

Linear (3 Feet in Length)

  • Designed as overhead lighting and installed on the ceiling of the screen enclosure
  • Excellent as task lighting and for evenly lighting up your entire pool and decking area
  • Ideal for illuminating a lanai for entertaining, dining, and relaxing

Profile (1 Foot in Length)

  • Designed as a sconce and installed on the wall beams of the screen enclosure
  • Excellent for ambiance lighting for the perimeter of your pool and lanai decking
  • Ideal for creating a perfect atmosphere and setting the tone for your outdoor living space


  • Up and Down Lights are a great way of creating atmosphere on your screen enclosure and lanai
  • They wash screen enclosure with a decorative two-way pattern of light for a cozy, welcoming effect.
  • Wide beam angle creates an ambient element when shining upward into a large space and downward along pathways and edges


  • Light up your pillars, boat lifts, pathway, and under decking
  • Excellent for ambiance, safety, cleaning your boat and for safely parking your boat at night.
  • Ideal for creating a perfect atmosphere and setting the tone for your outdoor living space


  • Pathway LED as lights are an excellent way to illuminate your entry and exit of your screen and lanai enclosure
  • Their wide angle beam casts a soft and effective lighting
  • Ideal for the border of your lanai, above the screen doors, along the exterior border of your cage for illuminating your exterior landscape


  • Hardwired Low-voltage
  • Fully Customizable
  • Multi Colored
  • Programmable Zones
  • Adjust the brightness
  • Lanai Bright APP
  • Remote
  • Timer

You’re in Control

Adjust the brightness and select from sixteen million colors with the touch of a button by using our remote or by downloading the app to your phone. Full customization in the palm of your hand.

Patented “No-Show” Install

Other installers use tape and glue that won’t last longer than a few years. Lanai Bright’s patented technology integrates directly into your existing lanai structure. The result is seamless: no tape, no glue, no mess.