A beautiful backyard is everyone’s dream. While Bonsai and other beautiful plants get most of the attention, landscape lighting plays a significant role in enhancing the beauty of your home.

By using artificial lighting, you can improve your yard’s aesthetics, safety, and security in the evening. In addition, these lights add warmth and coziness to the atmosphere while highlighting the yard’s best features.

However, maximizing the potential of your backyard requires you to understand the following aspects of Outdoor Lights, Fort Myers:

  • Include the ATA in your list.

Accent, job, and ambient are the three aspects you should include in your outdoor space to enhance your yard. Post lights, hanging lights, and wall lights can create ambient lighting in your space. While pathway lights, deck, and security lights are examples of task lighting, landscape kits and spotlights can be used to accent outdoor lighting.

Consider string lights, LED candles, or solar spotlights to enhance your outdoor setting without breaking the bank.

  • Make a list of your criteria.

Before buying Outdoor lights, Fort Myers, you must first determine the amount of lighting you require. To figure out how many lights an area needs, do this easy formula to get a rough estimate of the total wattage: Multiply the square footage of the area you want to light by 1.5. For example, a 200-square-foot room would require 300 watts.

  • Rating and Durability

When choosing Outdoor lights, Fort Myers, one of the most crucial elements to consider is durability. Weather patterns such as rain, wind, and cold can take a toll on outside lighting systems, unlike indoor lighting systems. Therefore, look for a lighting fixture that can endure the effects of the weather.

One of the most important elements to consider when selecting the right lighting fixture for your outdoor settings is the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) grade. Each fixture has a unique rating that will help you with the installation.

  • LEDs should be used.

LED lighting is an energy-efficient alternative that lasts roughly 50,000 hours, compared to an ordinary incandescent bulb or halogens. As a result, replacing all of your interior and exterior lighting with LEDs might result in a 60 percent to 70% increase in overall energy efficiency. As a result, we can provide you with light fixture installation and maintenance-free fixtures.

  • Consider the comfort of your own home.

Consider how your patio areas, walks, and backyard appear from the inside. This will assist you in selecting the appropriate fixtures and equipment for your garden.

Shrubbery or lighting gardens visible from the living room or dining area provide a stunning view from inside and outside focus points.

As a result, try adding solar outdoor lighting to carry out the concept for a quick style refresh.

  • Make use of soft lighting.

When it comes to Outdoor lights, Fort Myers, a bright spotlight while dining is a no-no; when building an outside space, especially outdoor eating, always use subtle and soft lighting to create a serene atmosphere.

Pendant lights, outdoor lanterns, and ceiling fans with light kits, for example, adequately illuminate and amplify the overall appearance of the outdoor seating and dining area.


Outdoor lighting is a wise addition, according to Lanai Bright, because it improves the look and feel of your property. It improves visibility, but it also improves the security of your property, especially late at night. If you’re seeking high-quality outdoor lighting fixtures, give us a call now.